Free consultation and evaluation with medical professional to determine if you are a candidate.

Initial labs with repeat in 6-month interval.

Evaluation with new state-of-the-art scale to measure body mass, BF, etc. Styku 3-D body. Continued progress measurements monthly.

Weekly injection and check in with nurse. Ability for self injection training after ramping up as an option for medical professionals and approved people.

3 month check in with provider.

3 month maintenance program after reaching goal weight. Can be extended at client request.

10% off body contouring procedures.


All of the benefits from Tier 1 with the addition of dietary plan including kickoff plan to jumpstart weight loss and then focused eating plan.

15% off body contouring procedures.


All of the benefits from TIER 1 & 2 with the addition of bi-monthly group coaching sessions.

20% off body contouring procedures.

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 analog that has been shown as a weekly injectable to help patients achieve significant weight loss in the range of 10 to 15% in several studies. When implemented under the guidance of a medical practitioner with appropriate diet changes and mindset modification, patients can achieve great success in improving their overall health and wellbeing. We are now offering several programs that include Semaglutide along with options of nutritional guidance, health and wellness coaching and progress tracking to aid in your success. Set up a free consultation today.

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