Glacier Lipid Replenishing Serum


Healthy skin depends on a delicate balance of lipid and water content. Glacier Lipid Replenisher is beneficial for all skin types to maintain that balance.

  • Calm & soothe post-procedure skin.
  • Replenish over-exfoliated or stressed skin.
  • Bioavailable ingredients hydrate and nourish skin to impart youthful, dewy, radiance.
  • Sensorial texture and soothing comfort with every drop for whole-body care.

STEP 2 CORRECTIVE AM / PM All skin types


Restorative Lipid Complex – replenishing plant lipids combine in a Squalane base to nourish dry, dehydrated skin with a soothing weightless texture and sensorial feel.

Squalane – versatile emollient derived from olives is highly compatible with natural sebum. Improves the appearance of supple, dewy skin to appear rejuvenated, vibrant, and radiant.


  • Provides light occlusion to protect compromised skin conditions.
  • Can be easily combined with any moisturizer for face and body.
  • Excellent to smooth hair for healthy shine.
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